Kimberly Buchanan

Lily does not seem to be her normal enthusiastic searcher as she begins working these vehicles. She gets the first hide and then about (:53) she seems to think she’s done? Rather than moving forward as you did, I would recommend stopping where you were at the passenger rear corner and just waiting for her turn back to the vehicle. You could even reel her in and shorten your line so she doesn’t range out quite so much. For her she doesn’t appear to be working odor so having her work away from the vehicle didn’t really help. Had she worked from the back of the vehicle, she might have picked up the wheel well hide on the red car. I know you tried to get her to check it but it looks like you may have been crowding her a bit and it pushed her on.

After that it looks like she’s sniffing the ground? (Hard to see.) Some dogs work odor from the ground but her body language doesn’t look like she’s actually working when she’s doing that.

Lily does get the second hide around (1:35) but doesn’t seem to be satisfied with just one payment. This could be because she hasn’t detected another odor OR you may have a routine of paying more than once? She just doesn’t want to move off of it. You do the best you can to keep her moving which looks to be a challenge. 🙂

Once she turns around and focuses on the Toyota again (2:16) she quickly works to the last hide.

With the video angle we don’t see much of Lily in this search so it’s hard to really grasp what is happening. She seems really distracted by the environment on this day and you mention the critter at the front. Do you have any additional thoughts?

Kimberly Buchanan
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