Sarah Sorlien

    Hi, Kim,
    Based on your questions. I tried a similar exercise with no wind, no harness and no leash. I also tried a different strategy for walking around the containers that I would recreate on leash.

    If we want to know if she is faster off leash, I would go with no. She strays very far away and one point I bring her back. That time she is eating grass, but all the rest of the time she is searching when off camera. The low hide on the middle black case is the most challenging for her. The hides were birch, anise and clove.

    I have two other dogs, one with an ORT in birch and the other with no certification or titles. I let them run this course and they were both faster than Lily, though they cheated a little and I helped them both with the high hide on the brown suitcase that she got easily. I don’t do NW with either of them as they don’t have the temperament for the competition experience.