Stefanie Alexander

Thanks for your feedback. Regarding the two boxes Prim false alerted on, they were taped up after the odor cooked for an hour.

My thoughts on this:

*We used duct tape because with our current situation, we ran out of strapping (clear packing) tape. This may be an issue because when we first began NW (and before we knew about the extra strong putty), we used a strip of rolled duct tape to adhere the hide tins. I’m wondering if Prim is associating this duct tape smell with a hide. [Because she is a sight hound as well, she early on would attempt to cut corners and not use her nose. We again noticed this when we first began as she would visually see the tin and would alert without sniffing. To break her of this, we did set out never used tins and after awhile, she learned that she needed to check rather than bat that paw.] Long story short: it could be the tape. Rest assured, I’ve gone to the store and gotten more strapping tape!

*I was using one of Prim’s favorites as a reward: Alaskan sourdough pancakes (bite-sized and home-made). They don’t have any syrup on them, but they are a very high interest treat. I’ve found in the past when she is very much wanting a high interest treat, she will false alert in hopes of getting paid without actually working, and I’ve consistently ignored her and moved through the search area in order to get her to re-engage.

Do either of these scenarios sound like they may be the case?

Yes, I absolutely was in her way (1:09-1:12) and I was aware of it especially since my videographer (husband, Brendan) was madly motioning to me from the sidelines to move 🙂