Sarah Sorlien

So for the final exercise – Low and high – we still battled the wind. At one point you see me bending down and picking something up – the hide itself blew off its tall perch during the search and I had to replace it atop the wicker basket.

But we had a new challenge. My daughter had come over to mow the lawn and thought she would disturb us less if she started in the front where I had the hides cooking. She moved some of the items and you will see a few corridors of freshly mown (fragrant!) lawn. I put things back and we got to work anyway. Poor Lily. I ask a lot of her!

This time she finds the most down wind hide first(approaching from upwind, though.). She does her scratch near the last hide, (which is inside a low shaving kit bag) but doesn’t find it immediately. I can see I do hold some tension on her leash rather than follow her. I don’t get the feeling she asks me where the hides are, but maybe I am missing it.