Sarah Sorlien

Interesting observations. We do a lot off leash, and when I first started I would follow after her (one of the judges said it was like I had an invisible leash and suggested I should stand still.) Because of that, I think, I try not to move to much, but perhaps I am constraining her when on leash. I do think the scratch comes when she finds the problem hard, but usually right after the scratch she solves it.

I can try these exercises off leash (though I don’t know if the wind will cooperate) when Lily and I get back to Philly at the end of the week. I work up in the mountains, and I don’t have everything I need.

I did want her to identify the source in the previous exercise to show that source is what pays. Even if it is not needed for containers, isn’t that something that could come up in interiors, exteriors, etc?

I have the last one ready – new problems there!