Stefanie Alexander

    Are You Sure, Prim B: Here is our attempt for today. The neighborhood is quiet although it is unseasonably warm for Alaska. We normally do hides on the larger main part of our “L”-shaped deck, but although it is only 68 degrees, the main deck’s thermometer says 103 degrees in the full sun. For this reason, we have opted to set up this search on the smaller part of the deck around the corner. It is partly shaded, although it will have 2 levels to search. The temperature is around 70 degrees or so with little breeze.

    Hides 1 and 2 are in the “Roomba” boxes, anise and birch respectively. The third hide is clove and is in the box with the duct tape. The distractors are the only round box (roasted and lightly salted macadamia nuts); the smaller brown square (Zukes); and the postage box next to the first hide (stale goldfish crackers).

    My goal for me was to reward as quickly as possible when she hit each box; Prim’s goal was to be working and not destroying. Overall, I think we showed some improvement. However, the goldfish distractor in particular was potent–at 29 seconds or so, she is standing on this box, but not alerting.

    One other issue we’ve had with the unseasonably warm weather are the flying insects. Prim loves to chase bugs, often leaping and eating them. Notice how she almost gets hide #3 when a hornet enters her airspace and I pull her off as she almost devours it. Normally, if it was something without a stinger, I would have let it go, but not in this case.

    Another critique: I probably shouldn’t tell Prim to “leave it!” when she starts to exhibit her batting behavior. I was glad she got back to work, though.

    At the video’s end, she perimeters and then heads out off the search area. I call it at this point.