Stefanie Alexander

Are You Sure, Pt. A

Background information: We have put our house on the market and our better boxes are now at a premium as we are getting ready to move. However, we were able to re-use some smaller ones that are flimsier. The three hides are in a triangulated pattern and include the two “Roomba” boxes as well as the one duct tape USPS box in the right hand corner of the screen. Prim’s alert includes a look my way and that is how I usually determine her pawing versus a true alert. During trials, she has never damaged or destroyed a container. However, for some reason at home when we practice [as this video shows], she is most exuberant.

This is evident as she locates Hide #1.

Between 15-30 seconds, she is cheating, pouncing and trying to rattle the boxes. Note that she even false alerts on a box around 24 seconds. I ignore her and she then slowly gets back to work. A bit later, I believe she is about to destroy the #2 container and she has difficulty locating me behind her to give me the look. I probably reward that one too early, even stating “Alert.” I need to stop doing that on the known hides.

After hide #3 is located, Prim does a perimeter sweep and then exits the search area and goes into the garden for about 30 seconds. There are many distractions in our backyard this evening. Neighboring dogs are barking and children are yelling. The video ends too early, but shortly thereafter, Prim reenters and alerts again on the Roomba box.