Ok! I have a couple of comments off the bat;

I am not sure what happened with your video link but I fixed it so the video is now embedded. (The link looked the same so I’m not sure why.)

You did a nice job with the leash, considering this is a smallish search area, trying to stay out of the way, etc.

You will likely hear me say this many times in the future: My recommendation is to NOT mark when Lily finds a hide. Why? The first response is what are you marking? When she caught odor? When she looked at you? When she tried to get into the box? What is Lily learning? Also, since you do mark it when she goes back to a hide but you don’t pay her, what is she learning? What do you do when the search is blind? Do you mark it and if you cannot mark it what does Lily do? Does she have persistence to tell you the hide really is there or does she cue off your non-marker that she’s not correct? Just some things to think about.

So, this search…

It’s clear that the well-marinated hides were easy for Lily. 🙂 I can see what you mean about the stress showing when she starts to scratch. When she does get the 3rd hide and you ask her to continue searching, she’s not quite as persistent with that hide as she was with the previous 2 boxes. Working thru the added challenge of different odor strengths added another level of difficulty to this search. Lily does work diligently trying to find more and we do see her range out a bit to the edges and start to wander off. She doesn’t false on you which is a good thing!

If you were to practice this, I would suggest having hides that are aged similarly and see if it makes a difference for her. My guess is that it will. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training