Kimberly Buchanan

As I watched the video I could hear wind blowing outside my window and then saw the box tumble from one grouping to the next! Very comical! 🙂

It looks like a creative solution and Kalli does her best to sort things out. We know the wind is blowing away from the camera but what’s interesting is that Kalli goes BACK to a pod of boxes to get the one that just blew over there! So who knows? Was it swirling? Whatever it was, she knew where it had been and put 2+2 together at (:41) and went back to find it.

I will say when you have containers close together it can be very difficult for the dog to sort out the odor vs. non-odor boxes. We usually like to give more space so when they’re that close I would have taken any of the boxes when she indicated she found odor. The odor will travel between them quite a bit. I wasn’t sure if the wind blew them into the groupings or if they started that way? We’ve been known to use rocks in boxes just for a little bit of weight. 🙂

I think Kalli got a little stuck in pooling odor with the cluster of 2 boxes near the end. I’m betting the odor from the last box was blowing all over those 2 boxes and she just needs a bit more exposure to the pooling odor issue. I’m not sure if she sped up a tad because it was odor or because she wanted to check the container. Good girl for working thru the problem. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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