Gina Baker

On the Road

Hope we are not too late.
Our last video is “On the Road” –
The first video we did was three groups of four boxes that made a triangle and Kalli did well but decided to use our second attempt. I was very excited about this search – group of boxes staggered down the sidewalk – thought it would be a really fun search! It was a flop and a-half!!
Group of boxes staggered
Three hides (2 anise and 1 birch)
1 box
3 boxes – anise
3 boxes
3 boxes – birch
2 boxes
1 box – anise
:07 she looks at me because she knows I have cheese in my hand and she is hungry. Keeps looking at me till she alerts 0:20.
Then the box from the third group flies into the air and lands at the second group!! It lands in a good spot and I am pretty sure it is the birch box! Kalli gets to the second group and trips over the boxes, goes to the third group and turns around and hits the flying box that has birch! Well, at least I think it does – had to open the box to make sure -Good girl! The she goes to the fourth group and alerts on both boxes. She then seems to working the odor trough the grass? At trial I would have called that fourth group – she pawed and looked at me but I knew it wasn’t there – but when she did find the anise in the last box, after watching the video I could see her speed up and then a definite paw.
What type of difference could you see?
It was a fun video but not the way I was thinking it would be!!