Carolyn Murray

Okay – last video! I’m trying to end on a positive note and post a video that hopefully demonstrates the progress my poor dog’s handler is making! 😉

This is Scout filmed 3/12. Probably around noon. Slightly overcast with a steady wind gusting to 20 mph. It was really warm – in the 50’s for sure. Very low humidity. 4th search of the day (2 bobcat searches, 2 container searches). Hide was probably only aged about 15 minutes or so.

In this location, the wind does some funky things and there can be quite a bit of swirling under the overhang where we are working. What I like about this search is that there is a very long corridor and Scout does not take off like a rocket. We start with tension on the line, but once she starts she is actually working and checks the back of the first bobcat. She picks up her pace and once she passes the other bobcat, there was a moment where I thought she was going to keep going. Instead she swung back and headed right to the plow and to odor (I wish the video followed her a little bit better to see exactly what she did at the point where she swung back to odor). And then her handler acts like a dork! 🙂

This video is a lot more representative of how our searches have been going over the past 6 weeks or so, as long as I am doing my job. Also, I changed Scout’s harness from florescent orange to a soft pink which is probably the main reason why she is calming down (I am totally kidding). 😉