Carolyn Murray


Yeah, so your first question is the million dollar question. What was my goal? I think even at the end of January I was still in the “let’s set some hides and have the dogs find them” mode. Fortunately for my dogs, things are changing. 😉

I think the main thing I see when I watch this search is a dog that is too distracted by his environment and had to work through too many hides. If I were to set this up again, I would set one hide in the same vicinity but slightly farther away from the parking lot/sidewalk area. Might even head out first thing in the morning while the area is still relatively quiet just to build a little more confidence. My goal would be for Cooper to have a successful, confident search where he is paid quickly! 😉 Actually, given the short successful searches we’ve practiced over the past 6 weeks, I’d be curious to see what he’d do in this location again….but with less hides.

I’m glad you are seeing clear communication from Cooper. It’s definitely one thing he’s really got going for him. Overall, he tends to give me a lot of information when he searches.