Carolyn Murray

Alrighty – so this is Cooper.

Filmed 1/30/16 late morning. The day started off bitterly cold and windy but the sun came out and started quickly melting the prior evening’s snow fall. However, probably wasn’t over 30 degrees. I believe the winds had calmed by the time we filmed this.

Three hides – birch, anise, clove. Aged at least 30 minutes.

Cooper is a very sensitive dude and can be extremely reactive. However, we have a long standing working relationship and he is no shrinking violet. This is a challenging location for him, especially given the number of hides, because he is in close proximity to “real life”. You will see him get distracted a number of times to checks things out and to make sure all is well. Overall this search might have been a little over his head.

My timing of rewards is absolutely awful. I can’t carry food in my hand or he will start offering behavior everywhere. I couldn’t remember which pocket I was putting the cheese in, so terrible timing!!

He is extremely easy to shut down in nosework. He likes working for food, but he really likes working for toys. He can be a very, very pushy dog when he’s working, I’m just not seeing it in nosework yet. I don’t know how to train nosework with toys, so we haven’t gone that direction at this point.

Any general feedback or suggestions for me to help Cooper would be great! 😉