Carolyn Murray

This is Scout. Filmed 2/21/16 around 5 pm or so. She was the third dog to search the area. Relatively warm day – around 40 or 45?? I’m sure there was at least a breeze as there always is…one birch hide aged over an hour.

Scout had done one search previous to this one. The first search was birch set along the side of the building. She walked down the side of the building, swung out, did a u-turn and hit the hide. No problem.

The beginning of this video is shot into the sun, so hard to see. Scout was really interested in the flower planters as we walked into the area. I rarely have to drag her anywhere – and I had to drag her away from those planters! That distraction was enough for me to forget to practice our entry, so you will see Scout run into the area and track. She seems to acknowledge the hide around 24 seconds (head flick) and continues to almost wander about the area before deciding to search. I remember thinking during this search, “Is she just checking stuff (like checking containers) or is she actually hunting odor?”

Looking at it now, I think maybe she got distracted and had trouble getting back on task? Now I”m wondering what I should have done differently….