Kimberly Buchanan

Good job, Molly!

I think if you look at your “start” process and where the first hide was, Molly wasn’t quite ready to start the search. I imagine the opening/closing of the front door changed the way odor was moving so she probably was at a bit of a disadvantage to detect especially the first hide. I think after coming in the front door she was a little unclear where odor was coming from and she’s gotten pretty adept at working the perimeters. In this space what you could try is taking her into the kitchen until the air movement has settled then take her back to the door and start when you know she’s caught odor.

The other suggestion I have is for you to stand back rather than walking forward into the space. It worked well to use body pressure to move her OFF of a hide she’s found and continue searching but your body pressure could also move her too fast in an area where you want her to be thoughtful like a threshold.

So we see Molly off-course a little bit but when she gets back on track she seems to notice the middle hide but I think she’s on the opposite side of where the hide is located. Instead of completing that problem she decides the high hide is more important (or stronger from her position) and heads there. She seems to work off some of the other furniture pieces to the middle hide and then works back to the hide furthest from the fan. I find it interesting that she gets that one from the UP-WIND side. Curious!

Nice to see her efficiency once we get her back on track. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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