Sue Davis

This will be similar to a trial day for us! All 4 searches today since on Sunday there is football starting at 9AM (The Dolphins are playing in London), NASCAR, & regular football the rest of the day! Must keep the videographer happy 🙂
Blind & unknown number of hides on vehicles search. This was a real challenge!! Still no harness due to the stiches, temp is 75. Due to camera problems & the braking GSD next door we started & stopped the search after Gracie found the hide on the blue truck. Due to time constraints, we didn’t set up a new vehicle search. So, we got everything situated again (No GSD!). This time we started from the other direction. Medium breeze is into my face as we start, temp is 75. I guessed that we took about 2 minutes. B/c of the earlier, aborted search I knew where 1 of the hides was but still didn’t know total # or other locations. The containers are set up in the garage but no odors are set yet.