Donna Ewing

This is Lesson 6a – Containers. I didn’t really know what you meant about adding a ‘spacer’ so I just added a comment above to please review the two previous videos. Thank you.

I didn’t have time to age this one much – about 15 minutes. It ended up being combo odors, 2 hides, 1 distractor (Cheez-It’s – WOW!). Sorry for the shade but I wanted to do it some place different from the previous container hides.

She catches the first hide at about :16. I just want to say that since we can have distractors in containers I really want her definite Alert – which is tapping the box/container. If I don’t do that I really have a hard time distinguishing between a distractor container and an odor container if the distractor is something really delicious. She caught the distractor box at about :38 (upper left hand corner of the search area). She did not alert, though – I’m pretty darned proud of that since the distractor was Cheez-It’s!

She hits on the second odor box several times showing a little interest. She gave a ‘look’ brief alert at :58 and I could have probably called it then but ‘I’ just wasn’t 100% positive since it was brief and she moved on. She left the odor box again at 1:23. Very strange. I don’t know why she kept going back and never alerting. She finally gave me her definite alert at the end. I think she searched all of the containers except the tall trash can in the middle. Handler error! She might have caught a whiff of it the several times she passed it.

I hope to get maybe a couple more videos in before the deadline but with the agility trial I might not. Darn it.