Deb (De) Frost

Wow Donna … that is too bad your local Lowes and Home Depots are not allowing dogs. Was there some specific reason why? Up here, dogs are pretty much welcome at places like that as long as they are on leash and well mannered. It probably wouldn’t take much to get them kicked out, but fingers crossed, so far so good.

If it weren’t for HD, I’m not sure what we’d do here in mid-winter! We do have our training facility, but dang, it gets old to try to think of new search ideas in the same square of space every week. Last winter, they let us line up several of their big construction supplies carts in an empty isle and did an “Interior Vehicle Search” on them. It was fun.

I like the idea of a U-Haul dealer though. I hadn’t given them a thought and we have one only about a mile from my home. 🙂

Keep the ideas coming!