I think it’s really interesting how she worked off the post (and the bush, too). I kept saying to myself, “if she only had access against the wall on the right, she’d figure out the problem.” Well, when she had access(2:15) she moved off the wall back to the post!

There does seem to be some chasing of odor and it is quite obvious odor is landing on the post. It’s just hard to know if the area next to the building was paved sidewalk and not dirt/grass/bush would it have been easier for her to find source? It’s almost like that section of greenery prevents her from checking the wall closely enough to follow the edge of the scent cone from right to left. It’s not until (3:09) that she gets *just* the right spot to work to source.

You support her beautifully – not obtrusive but present – and allow her to figure things out at her own pace. 🙂

Of course, feel free to re-do the exercise if you like. I would try to find a location that she can hoover the wall like a vehicle and see if that makes a difference? (BTW, I thought this was a great location! I would see what happens when you place a hide on the post. 🙂 )

I hope everything is ok with Miss Skye! Sending good juju!

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training