Donna Ewing

This was filmed immediately following the previous video. The odor was 2 clove Qtips in the three tubes and 3 clove Qtips in the one tin. The hides are about 4′ high- reachable but only if she stands fully up. This was done in a different sidewalk/building. The tube hides are again in the mortar of the brick and the tin hide is on the outside of a tock pillar.

Darcie zig zags a little in the beginning and then once again heads to the opposite end of the search area. I think that early on she catches that the odor is high. She catches the first odor at about 1:12 after spending some time searching low at the end of the search area. She pretty quickly finds the tin on the pillar at 1:33. Then the fun begins! ? she hangs around the third hide a long time (just to the left of the door) but never finds the source. Then she heads towards the fourth hide (which should have been a threshold almost). We do a lengthy dance here with me really trying not to block the odor. It’s like she knows odor is there but just can’t pin it down (it is just right of the door). I decide to start walking off a couple of times and I think that helps her decide she wanted to stay there and find it. She finally alerts at 3:35. She comes back to the third hide at the door and starts hanging around there searching a little while. She then leaves the area and then comes right back and alerts at 4:26. Sorry for the length of this video.

These high hides definitely need some work. Could have been the heat, environment, distractions – I don’t know but these were extra hard for her. Sometimes I think I’m too critical of our searches – maybe a little bit of a perfectionist. ?. Darcie never stopped working and I give her a lot of credit for that.

I have the ground hides filmed but haven’t done the mix one yet. We are leaving Friday for vacation and probably won’t be able to get that one filmed until the end of next week. So I would like to at least get the ground hide video posted before I leave. I will have access to the Internet and your review, though.