Donna Ewing

I definitely should have used a longer lead on this one. Lots of space to maneuver around in. The cars are all sort of the same color so I really had to pay attention watching the video to make she she found all of the hides.

Darcie hits on the first odor very quickly at about :08 on the back passenger tire on the dark blue vehicle. She then decides to go around the vehicle beside it – around to the back and then doubling back to the front (after a very brief sniff on the curb/grass beside it). She doubled back in a hurry, too, and I had to run to keep up with her (where the longer lead would have been helpful). She hit on the odor on the second vehicle on the front driver wheel (opposite the first hide) at about :56. If you go back to the beginning of the video I think she actually hit on this one before she did her first alert – she went almost straight to that wheel and then turned back to the right to the odor on the dark blue vehicle. Interesting. Anyway, she then heads over to the third vehicle, sniffs awhile on the opposite side from where the odor is located, moves around that vehicle and then alerts at about 1:26. I do like how she makes an effort to search the other sides of the vehicles. She missed a couple of fronts and the opposite side of the second vehicle which in a trial environment I probably would have taken her around to.