Susanne Howarth

    I could have sworn I posted this yesterday… but it’s not showing up yet, so I’ll try again. Blackie says, “I’m good at high hides! Can’t fool me!” We started with Part B of lesson 3, because it was late in the day and I wanted to take advantage of daylight for our exterior search.

    I actually set two hides in the back yard: one in line with the camera, precisely 4′ up on the left side of the grey post, and another that I thought was far enough away to be considered a second and separate search area. Silly me. Naturally, the wind was blowing from that direction and Blackie wanted to work that one first — she pretty much made a bee line towards it, but wasn’t too bothered when I limited her from going all the way over there. She comes back at about :09 and starts working the intended search, first off the chair to the left and then in the garden (probably pooling there) and off the lavender bush. Her pattern for working it was interesting to me, since Biscuit also worked it in pretty much the same way.

    From the lavender bush, at :21, she goes directly to the post — but bypasses it to the front, and doesn’t look up. At :26 she looks up on the front side — not the left, then at :29 looks up on the back side, and finally at :30 makes a decision for the left side and is paid — before sitting. (Yes, I think she might have been starting to sit, but not quite.)

    When I reviewed the video, I was a wee bit concerned that my body position might have “sold” her on the post as being the location of the hide: I was a bit flat footed in that area, observing her, without moving either feet or shoulders very much and with feet and shoulders both pointing towards the hide. So we redid the search with the hide on top of one of the lounge chairs on the opposite side of the pool. That time (which I did NOT video) I focused on not pointing out the hide, and it went equally well.