Donna Ewing

    All three vehicle videos were filmed on the same day, so again I’m using my 6′ lead. I started Darcie with the opportunity to immediately go through the opening to the middle of the vehicles but she chooses to search the outside of one of the vehicles first. She then comes into the interior triangle and passes the odor on the first vehicle. Then she comes back at :20 and alerts. She then moves to the second vehicle and again goes a little to the outside of it to search it a little. My guess is she is just wanting to make sure there is no odor on the other side. On this second car she again passes by the odor a couple of times before alerting at :50. She doesn’t check out the other side of the third vehicle for odor here. She alerts on the third vehicle at 1:13 after sniffing up and down the inside of it for a little while. I wanted to give her an opportunity to go around this last vehicle if she chose to, but she didn’t. But she did try and go underneath that running board (I think the odor must have been a little deeper underneath that running board) so I decided to call Finish at that point.

    I’m just excited that she is actively searching vehicles again!