Tina Evrard

    I think Skye does need some support from me, she appears to be searching independently but I have learned the hard way that not being “present” in certain situations will let her down. So basically I let her do her thing while providing back up and opening doors, so to speak. That’s a keen observation on your part!

    Her not picking up the first vehicle hide until last was a great reminder that for her, covering an area does not mean that she is done with it. Now to remember that on trial day.

    Here is lesson 3B, parallel vehicles. Same day, same weather, different videographer (apologies for the shaking!). I did not expect her to choose this route, I’m guessing she wants to keep me on my toes. When she went through the 2 vehicles, I expected her to pick up on the kitty corner hide. I’m assuming that the opposite side hide must have been more potent in the moment?