Donna Ewing

    This is actually Lesson 3b – I mislabeled the title. This lesson has 2 cars with odor kitty corner between the cars. We added an extra hide on the outside so there are two hides on the outside of the cars.

    I started Darcie with the opportunity to go between the 2 cars but she went right and immediately finds one of the hides on the outside of the car at :11. She then goes around the car to the inside and alerts on the front wheel at :31. Interesting how she bypassed the 2nd odor at the kitty corner back wheel at :45 and goes back to the front wheel odor and spends a lot of time there. Any thoughts on that? Finally at 1:30 she finds the odor on the back wheel. I’m wondering if there was a slight breeze carring it under the first car where she found the first hide because she was almost trying to smell under the car opposite that first odor in addition to staying on odor on that front tire. She eventually searches the rest of the second car and alerts on that 4th odor.

    Darcie was fabulous on vehicles when she first started trailing but then lost interest in them. But it looks like she is getting that interest back some.