Terry Wright and Kai

    Lesson 3A – It’s up there somewhere

    This high hide was challenging for Taku for sure. And LOL I see myself circling and circling the step stool.

    .32 he hit on the purse and gave me the *look*, I most likely would have called alert on that.
    .46 clumsy me again…
    .51 on the pail
    1.02 back to the purse, didn’t indicate on it
    1.27 back to the purse and quickly moved on
    1.50 starts to show interest in the step stool (high hide)
    2.06 interest in the step stool – thinking I should have take this one.
    2:17 step stool then walked away… probably because he didn’t think he was going to get rewarded?
    2:45 back to the purse
    2:51 back to step stool and walks away
    3:14 checks out the step stool
    3.22 checks out the step stool and is finally rewards….

    Sorry this went over…

    Linda thanks for working with Taku and I and for doing the videoing… my phone died.

    Terry Wright