Deb (De) Frost

    I wonder, after watching several of Taku’s videos again, if it would be helpful as an exercise FOR TERRY, to have HER intentionally walk around the entire outside perimeter of the search area for a few searches (no need to post them – just something to think about doing at practices so that YOU remember). Maybe not even worry at first whether or not Taku is checking items, but more seeing that you BOTH manage to get around the OUTSIDE of all the containers?

    Terry, by staying in the general center area, even if Taku were the type of dog to take off independent of you, the leash really does limit how far you are willing to let him go – and Kim seems to have pegged it – one of the reasons Taku isn’t checking ALL the containers is because you aren’t really encouraging him to by walking out there beyond the containers yourself.

    I know Taku, and I realize a lot of what you do is because you are working hard to keep him invested in checking the items within the search area and not “check out” and leave the area entirely – but I also see a bit of a habit developing that you are going to need to undo (at least in container searches) as you two move forward. 🙂

    Sometimes, due to air currents (or even wind if outdoors – think vehicles or exterior search – the dog is going to NEED to get to all sides of a search area/item and perhaps well beyond it before he even catches odor that he can then follow back to source. Checking a container (or whatever) from only one direction may not be enough for him to discern that odor and find the hide. Fabric containers in particular are notorious for needing to be detailed all the way around – all sides – for the dog to tag that source.

    Hope that helps! LOVE seeing Taku’s tail in the air in this search! 🙂