Susanne Howarth

    Ok… Here’s our lesson 2 video. I’ll apologize for the fact that it’s 5+ minutes, but I couldn’t figure out how to edit it, and was too lazy to spend a bit more time to figure that out. Also, some of the stuff that happens later seemed relevant — so even if I knew HOW to edit it, I’m not sure what I would have edited out. The hides are (1) under the little brass dog on the left side, (2) in the Ugg at back right, and (3) in the black glass case towards the front. All others are empty.

    As for what I saw (and/or anticipated):

    – We had a lot of trouble with whether to re-treat or not, and as a result of my inconsistency, I confused Blackie.
    – I definitely kept Blackie in the search too long: the longer we stayed, the more she asked if I would accept this one… or this one… or…
    – Along the same lines, the longer we were in the area, the more she looked at me like, “What do you want? Is this it? Or this?”
    – When I stopped and stood still, Blackie would come over by me and “ask” about the closest container to me – I need to keep moving. However, I think I’m noticing some behavior differences in how she falses from when she is really alerting. Not sure I can define that difference just yet, but I am feeling as if it’s there — and I just need to read it better.
    – One thing I liked about what I did was that at :49 I noticed that she was ignoring the front half of the room, so I moved there and she followed.
    – I’m still saying the “dreaded yes” — although hopefully not in ways that are too problematic. After all, we have to say something to praise the find, and something other than alert…

    The hide in the beer bottle turned out to be more difficult than I anticipated, perhaps due to an upright bottle almost as tall as her nose; perhaps also due to residual smell of the beer. (The bottle had been emptied a day or two earlier and was dry inside, but still might have beer odor. Unfortunately, at 1:52, when she first shows interest in the bottle, I ignore the head snap and look to me, then she sits, so I don’t pay. After that, she ignores the bottle and gives a couple falses before finally coming back to that bottle at 2:29 and getting paid (without sitting).