Sue Davis

    Our first vehicle search is with 2 vehicles parked parallel. Slight breeze is from the rear, passenger side of the truck toward the front, driver’s side of the red Jeep. Temp is 90+, hides cooked for 1.30 hrs and are one of each flavor. I hadn’t noticed the breeze until I went to check again to tell you. Now it’s clear to me why Gracie went to the far side of where we started! Then on to the 2 hides on the wheels. Then we searched the rest of the red Jeep since we hadn’t.

    Bob thought I waited a smidge too long before calling both of the wheel hides. My reasoning brings me to ask a question. Each of these hides where tucked just behind one of the spokes of each wheel. I waited ’til she got her nose in the hole closest to the hide. And I was looking at her tail for her commitment. Did I HAVE to wait for the correct hole or would any of the holes between any of the spokes been correct?