Kimberly Buchanan

    This was terrific! I love the Darcie started really investigating the flat bags. They are HARD! There isn’t a lot of odor emanating from them and even when the dog bumps or steps on them there isn’t a big “puff” of air coming out with odor so the dogs really need to sniff them in detail. I think that’s why she left the computer bag. She just wasn’t sure since there probably wasn’t a lot of odor. I’ve put LOTS and LOTS of odor inside some bags and the dogs still have trouble.

    Normally we see Darcie searching without the sun shining so I’m thinking there could be a lot of air movement which is why she’s checking the perimeter. It doesn’t look so much like crittering as chasing odor IMO.

    With the suitcase, she looks at you a few times (:39, :46, :49) but I’m not sure what you were expecting to see, maybe more animation? She worked it well. Even if it looks different than what you expected, she would not have gone back if odor had not been present so I think all you can do is see that she was persistent, even with it moving. That’s a really good thing. 🙂

    You also – as usual – do a good job of stepping back out of her way to give her access when you see her movement. (Which is why I pointed out the last search when it did affect her. 😉 )

    This was very nice. 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
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