Donna Ewing

    Sorry for the videographer’s thumb in the video! It was sunny and warm – 84 degrees, 58% humidity, winds out of the SW at 7 mph. I chose to do this search on lead to make she she checked out every container. There are two high hides and two low hides. Each hide has a tube with two Qtips of varying odors. The search area ‘cooked’ for about an hour.

    I really like how she is starting to search the seams of fabric containers (and leather, too). At :17 she catches the odor under the seat of the step stool. She catches the source of the second high hide next on the blue upright suitcase (under the handle) at about :36. Interesting to see her reaction to this suitcase since it moves as she touches it. Her alert is WAY different – a hesitant alert. I wanted to see if she would give me her ‘confident’ alert so I let her keep sniffing it for a little while. I finally called it because I didn’t want her to move on without a reward. Any ideas as how to handle this in a trial when it is blind to me???

    Darcie then moves around and catches the third odor – in a leather computer bag. Interesting that she sniffs it, moves away from it at 1:04, then comes back to it. Wonder why? She alerts then at 1:16. At 1:37 she bypasses the fourth odor (bright blue bag). Once again she goes and sniffs the gate, grass, wall. Odor must be bouncing around in this area (also, we have tons of bunnies that hang out there!). At 1:58 she finally hits on the blue bag. The odor was in a zippered pocket. For the rest of the video I just wanted to make sure we hit on every container. ? so I tried to take her to each one, mostly paying when she past an odor container. While her search method is still helter skelter, I do like how she is searching and catching odor both high and low.