Kimberly Buchanan

    LOL! Thanks for the chuckle! 😀

    With Taku, I see some of the same things as Molly, just not sure if the two are on the same mental wavelength? You say Taku is a bit environmental and we do see him check out a bit. If you read thru some of the suggestions I made to Linda, you might try all but taking him out of the search area. I think that would be counter productive for him.

    The fact that he’s headed to odor at (:10, :14), actually gets to the odor bag at (:19, :47) but keeps diverting himself w/o communicating means something. Yes, he decides to tell you about the open pink bag at (:28) and that’s very nice! But I’d be thinking “why?” is he not telling you about those other odors? He gets distracted at (:58, 1:54, 1:59, 2:28+) and yet he seems not so bothered when you nearly take a tumble! I find that curious? How can you make the search more exciting for him?

    I see you *do* pay quickly at (1:10) which is great! But I also see you lead him quite a bit. Sometimes that’s not a bad thing if you need to cover the search area but you take him back to the same places multiple times. If you lead him to a hide and he still decides not to tell you that’s not very helpful in the scheme of things.

    What do you think Taku would do if you applied some of the other suggestions?

    Kimberly Buchanan
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