Donna Ewing

    The temperature was quite hot (in the 90s) so the odor really ‘cooked’ I think! The source on each of the three containers was 2 Qtips in a tube of varying odors. Very little if any wind. I found this lesson difficult because of trying to locate tall containers. Were these tall enough?

    One hide was in a top pocket of the first blue suitcase. The second hide was on the purple standing folding chair. The third hide was under the extended handle of one of the rolling briefcases. I chose to do this search offlead so that the leash wouldn’t get tangled in the tall containers.

    Darcie took a quick sniff of the blue suitcase and then moved on to check other items. She briefly checked out other items and hit on the rolling briefcase at about :07. I think the odor dropped onto the case itself from under the handle? At :25 she bypassed the purple folding chair and showed quite a bit of interest in the box next to it. Any suggestions as to why she did that? The odor was inside the label – so kind of ‘open air’ so maybe a breeze took it that way. She checked out a bunch of other items – she was pretty thorough! Finally at :42 she alerts on the purple chair. She bypassed the blue suitcase again (interesting) checking out other items before finally alerting on it at about 1:12.

    My observation is Darcie really wanted to check every container out. I think she covered them all. I don’t know why she bypassed the containers with odor first but eventually went back to each of them. Any thoughts on that?