Sue Davis

    Flat containers: “Hat Tricks” – 3 hides (1 of each odor) placed at 11:00; searched at 12:15. Temp was 90; air was still; GSD is barking & running the fence about 8′ away. Hides are in the first flat box (Gracie walks right over it at :04), the round yellow hat & the beige hat at the left corner closest to the camera. She was able to search through the barking until after she had found them all. Then she stopped to look at Brooker. The other 2 beige hats (one with a red band) had been worn, years ago, by someone she never knew. Wonder if that’s why she spent a second or 2 sniffing them? She really seems confused by NOT being paid for every find, even if this is the 2nd or 3rd time she found it. I assume that’s b/c in the past I have always rewarded every time. Is this something I should be doing routinely? That is, NOT rewarding with anything other than a “Good girl!” for the 2nd or 3rd find of the same hide?