Tina Evrard

    There is a high window behind the back box and medium suitcase, it’s very possible odor had caught on the bag. That coupled with the expectation that bags usually have odor may be behind the weak alert. The large bag had a straw folded in half stuck in the top buckle, that was very interesting that she didn’t catch odor at the front where it was open, rather she definitely got it at the back where the fold was (scent movement is FASCINATING!).

    When we first started NW, Skye would leave the search area if she was off leash (environmental fears trumped searching at the time), so we have had a lot of practice on leash which leads to better searches on leash. I do see that she is still working with the containers but perhaps not as efficiently as if we were on leash.

    Here is the low search; she definitely understands low containers and the huffing happened again when asked to continue past the last hide found. It was interesting to see her struggle with the threshold bag, be successful, then investigate the similar type bags more intensely 🙂