Kimberly Buchanan

    Good point! Hadn’t thought about trying to find “tall” containers for a big dog. Tho’ really, anything “tall” you might encounter may just be nose height for Skye. 😉 You should see the fun containers Sue & Gracie worked with!

    Interesting that Skye didn’t commit to the tall bag but she gave a weak alert on the medium suitcase. I wonder if some of the odor from adjacent tall box was falling on it?

    After she’d been in the search awhile she gave an “odor shake” to relieve some of the pressure around (3:43), just after you didn’t pay her for going back to a previous hide. She is still pretty methodical but I think she was working the whole time.

    Curious you say she works better on leash. Do you think that’s because Container searches are supposed to be on leash and that’s what you practice most of the time?

    Good job Miss Skye! 😉

    Kimberly Buchanan
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