Kimberly Buchanan

    Interesting! The long, drawn-out “yes” isn’t as bad as what one would do to actually “mark” behavior (like a clicker) so in this case it didn’t seem to have a negative effect. Also interesting to note that Blackie didn’t sit much except at the distractors! 😉

    I think yesterday’s work will prove to be really helpful to solidify that indication behavior away from the sit. 🙂

    And yes, I agree, it could have been a little bit of stress, too, that made her scratch and check out for a bit.

    Good choice to end where you did! 🙂

    p.s. YES, the “Alert” call can act as a marker! If the dog seems to be taking it as a cue, I usually have my students stop saying it or at least not consistently. But you’ve got to be careful not to forget saying it in trial. Been there! 😉

    Kimberly Buchanan
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