Tina Evrard

    My observations are; it was hard to find a lot of tall enough containers for a 27″ dog, she does seem to understand that the tops of containers are searchable areas (although it still took her awhile to alert on the big suitcase), she did a half hearted alert on the medium suitcase at 1:28 but didn’t commit (another reason to wait to call in a trial) and when asked to search for 60+ seconds after the last hide, she started huffing in addition to checking the perimeter (I only see one huff on the video but it was obvious in the moment). My challenge in a trial may be telling the difference between the “hey, let’s check the perimeter” that happens in the beginning and the “I’ve found all the odor in containers, let’s check the perimeter”. I also believe that she works harder when on leash as opposed to off leash.