Kathryn Dobyns

    So this time Hunter really showed his “I’ve found everything, so why are we still here?” behavior!

    Sorry about the sun glare – I did not realize how annoying that would be…

    Distractors are tortilla chips in the flat brown box at the threshold, Kong Aussie stick in the small purple box on the near right corner and a cat food can in the suet box in the far right corner.

    He comes in and notices the distractor at the threshold but moves right on to the first odor alert, then checks the second distractor but moves on to a soft alert on the silver odor box. He cuts the corner and misses the cat food on the first circuit and gives me a good alert on the third odor box. On the next circuit he checks the chips but moves on quickly until he gets stuck on the cat food at :39. He never tries to alert on the cat food and he did leave it on his own (yippee!) so I rewarded again at the next odor box. He drifted out of the search area a little coming back around to a nice alert on the silver odor box, which I rewarded. Then it is on to the cat food, which he left more quickly this time. After the no-paycheck on odor at 1:16 he starts looking at me as we go by each box (this one?, this one? this one?) At 1:40 he gives me a good alert on odor, leaves it when I don’t pay, then goes right back to it – “hey, THIS is odor, where’s my hotdog?”. When he gave me a good alert on the silver odor box, I was ready to reward and get out.

    Hunter definitely shows interest in distractors, but he did not try to get me to pay him on distractors until all the odor had been found and rewarded.