Terry Wright and Kai

    Hope I followed the directions correctly to load the video 🙂

    oh my goodness… this exercise really surprised me on how Taku was hitting on all the food distracters The foods I had out were Cheese & Peanut Butter Crackers, Polska Kielbasa Sausage, Pep-Peroni, Pepper Jack Cheese and Beef Bologna.

    There were 3 odors Birch, Anise and a mix of both.

    Taku did alert on all three odors, eventually 😉 He was in the pawing mode as he was pawing all the food distracters.

    Usually when he finds odor he will look at me. Occasionally will paw and look. I was trying to move in fast to treat.

    His favorite food distracters were the Pep-Peroni (right side roll middleish) and the Beef Bologna (right side top).

    I did not have any toy distracters out, he is not toy motivated.

    I see we need to work with more food distracter in our searches!

    ok… 1,2,3…. go…. hehehe

    Terry Wright