Kimberly Buchanan

    Great observations! You guys are getting good at critiquing your own videos! 😉

    Darcie does show “interest” in the distractor boxes but it is very different at odor. One thing I will mention, I see it most at the second odor box, be careful of your body language. Fortunately it WAS odor but your anticipation of reward/no reward has you bent over slightly, starting to reach for your pocket. Luckily it WAS odor, but you could inadvertently cue her with that. Try not to stand so still, shift your weight a little bit maybe. I can “see” the wheels turning for you, tho’. 🙂

    I know with my dogs who can be super zippy in a search I get “lost” with what was odor, what wasn’t and whether we covered everything or not. Seems my mind draws a big blank! So working thru these frustrations with known hides and seeing what your dog does is really helpful.

    Very nice! Let’s give everyone a chance to catch up and I’ll post the next lesson later today or tomorrow. 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
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