Donna Ewing

    I will post a video of the sources and distractors after I critique the video. This was totally blind to me – I didn’t know how many odors or distractors there were. Thanks to the hubby and videographer! It ended up that odor was in two brown cardboard boxes and the distractors (infamous potato chips and the second had a combination of carrots and cheese) were in two white ORT type boxes.

    Interesting – Darcie made a quick search of almost all of the boxes before deciding to find the odor boxes it seemed. At about :05 she had a little interest in the carrot/cheese distractor box but then moved away from it. Her first alert was at about :19. She has developed a tap on containers to alert. Makes it a pretty definite alert. At :29 she shows interest in the potato chip distractor but again moves on away from that box. At :34 she started alerting on the second odor box. BAD MOM – I paid WAY too late. But Darcie was insistent. Videoing is so good to teach the handler. You forget about these details in the heat of battle! At :48 again she showed interest in the distractor box but didn’t stick it and moved away. Good to observe the difference in ‘interest’ and the real thing. I probably should have called Finish right then. Another mistake on my part. I was trying to remember if she had hit every box. I thought she had missed a couple of boxes in the middle. I realize now it gives her opportunities to get frustrated and false alert.

    I’ll post the video of the location of the boxes next.