Kimberly Buchanan

    Really nice! 🙂 You can see that the practice has paid off. 🙂

    Skye is pretty clear when she’s at odor. Tho’ in this exercise or when you practice with known locations, I would pay BEFORE the paw. If you’re working on staying at source, try to bring the reward in before she shows this frustration. Eventually (ideally) her expectation will be that she doesn’t need to paw because you will bring the reward. This will likely result in either a freeze at source or a looking at you “why aren’t you paying me?” but that may take some time. For now, for an exercise like this I would just pay faster.

    Nice to see that she is clear when she’s at source, clear when she’s not and pretty clear when she’s checking outside the search area for “something else” because she’s found all there is to find! (She starts checking the back wall around (1:48) and the front of the area after the 2-minute mark.)

    Do you have anyone that can put a blind search together for you?? If yes, this is what I’d like to see for your PART C: Another container search with just boxes so it’s blind to you. Choose 1-3 hides and make sure there is at least one distractor. Since you likely have designated containers for odor you’ll have to sacrifice some to whatever your hide setter chooses to place. The task is to get Skye thru the search area, checking all the containers and to call FINISH once you think she’s found all the hides. Note the changes of behavior when you think she’s done and what makes you decide that.

    If you don’t have someone else to put out hides for you, let me know and I’ll come up with a different plan. 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
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