Donna Ewing

    The odor boxes were the same as in Lesson 1.a – the blue box, one white ORT type box, and a brown cardboard box. The distractor boxes were the small multi colored box (seasoned potato chips), a white ORT type box (carrots), and a flat brown cardboard box (nylabone). The weather was 89 degrees with 46% humidity with very little wind (a front was just south of us). And yes, I still need a lot of work on my leash handling – I’ll be practicing that outside of class for sure.

    First – Darcie found all three odor boxes before paying any attention really to the distractors, bypassing the delicious potato chips the first time. She bypassed the second odor box the first time(:15), went towards Dad, then headed back to the second odor box. She found the third odor box at :40. Her foot tap at :49 is an indication she occasionally uses – mostly if she has told me once and she is either telling me I’m not getting there fast enough with the treat or that she says come on, Mom – I’ve already told you! She hits the infamous potato chips at :56. But she still eventually moved on there. The square box at 1:18 is a clear box – I don’t know why she found it interesting at that point. I think eventually the potato chips just got the best of her. At 1:59 she finally false alerted (twice) on the carrot box. She had passed it up a few times before. She totally ignored the box with the nylabone in it. She eventually got the potato chip box open a little and treated herself – that is why I pulled her off of that box. I then let her go back to an odor box, paid, and stopped the search.

    My takeaway from this is to not stay too long in a search area. This started out as a really good search I thought and then headed downhill. Giving you lots to teach me I’m thinking. ?