Kimberly Buchanan

    Good job, Blackie! So funny, listening to the commentary between you and your husband. 😉

    I forgot to mention this should be an on-leash search, but Blackie didn’t stray and seemed to continue working so it ended up ok.

    Part of this exercise is to put a little pressure on them to see what happens when you might inadvertently cue them to a box/container that isn’t odor. Blackie seemed to learn pretty quickly that she only gets paid at odor, regardless of what you do around the other containers, and that was the objective! She does show some frustration with the “Good Girl” and not getting paid which leads me to remind you to try not to say too much to her during the search. She is definitely taking cues from you! Since in a Blind Search you will not be reacting the same way I would recommend reducing the feedback you give her as much as possible to let her work thru a bit of silence, as well. A nice “Good Girl” as you pay is ok. That may be part of her insecurity in trial and something to think about!

    Good choices by Blackie on this search! 🙂

    Ok, onto Part B!

    (p.s. I fixed the video – make sure you select the “Share” link and just paste it as text into your post so it shows up in a little window without having to go to another page.)

    Kimberly Buchanan
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