Donna Ewing

    Could it be at 2:20 that Darcie went to smell that chair because the odor box was right in front of it – could some of the odor been wafting in that direction? In re-looking at the video a couple of times I did notice that she became more ‘frantic’ in her search when she quit getting paid for alerting me. Hmmm – something to think about and watch for. I’m not sure she would ever actually quit searching until we left the area.

    Question: when you mentioned the leash handling – do you mean that I should gather up the leash in my hands as I’m walking towards Darcie to pay her (which I’m afraid would take me longer to pay her) or just reach out and grab the leash closer to the halter when I pay her and let the remainder of the leash fall behind me. My leash is between 9 and 10 foot long. The other folks that I occasionally train with use a 12 foot leash – but I find the really long leashes are cumbersome and hard to manipulate. For vehicles I now use a 6 foot leash (per Ron’s suggestion).