Kimberly Buchanan

    Very nice! You do a nice job of staying out of Darcie’s way and then coming in to pay when she gets to a hide. (No need to say “alert” when you know where they are, unless you’re practicing so you don’t forget. 😉 )

    Darcie has a nice “expectant” look and wagging tail when she gets to odor. Good job paying at source. She very thoroughly checked all the boxes and then momentarily tried to tell you at a non-odor box (1:32) but fortunately decided on the correct box. At this point she’d already found all the hides. She also suddenly “noticed” a different box (the little green/black box, 1:40) but didn’t stick it. It’s one of those “pauses” that can make the handler take the dog back and sell the dog.

    Darcie started to check out something under the chair (2:20) then goes to odor. At this point she’s not getting paid anymore but she starts LOOKING at you (why aren’t you paying me?). Just past the (2:35) mark she looks almost frantic searching for something then at (2:45) as you note, she looks at “Dad” and then at something to the side. THAT is a dog who is done searching and doesn’t know what else to do. With her work ethic, she obliges to continue searching and you wisely get her to find another odor, get paid and be done.

    Quick comment on handling: When you go in to reward, come UP on the leash FIRST so you’re not casting her off and trying to reign in the leash (which usually gets caught under the dog). Reel the leash in first (don’t let it drag, maybe less leash) and hold it closer to the harness when you reward. Release and pay out the line. This will be much cleaner for you. Good choice to NOT mess with it as she was searching, tho’.

    Overall good work! Ok, on to Part B! 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
    Joyride K9 Dog Training