Troubleshooting for K9NW Competitors

Troubleshooting for K9NW Competitors

This is an interactive 3 or 6-week course where participants will upload videos and receive detailed critique and discussion for various search challenges. (GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE students)

This course and curriculum will be determined by the individual teams who enroll. My goal is to address the challenges of each team and include some of the common problem areas:

Sourcing issues
Inaccessible hides vs. accessible hides
What is the dog telling us?
Foundation steps that need to be revisited
Is the handler necessary?
Are we beyond boxes?
Are you ready to risk a “call” in trial?
What trial history are YOU trying to overcome?
Assignments will be given with instruction based on your unique challenge.

Normally each course will be appropriate for ALL LEVELS. Occasionally I might focus on a specific level. As with other courses we’ll have a GOLD FORUM which is essentially a private lesson forum as well as a CLASSROOM FORUM where all Gold and Silver students can discuss each others’ searches or general topics. “Lessons” will be within each Gold thread since they will be customized to the teams. Bronze students get to audit everything.