“Sniff of the Month Club”

20151122_192021-1SOTMC is currently on hiatus. Depending on demand I may bring it back into regular rotation.

SOTMC members will have access to one lesson/month and a discussion forum where you can talk about your search results, challenges you experienced, questions, etc. It’s a community of individuals who have an interest – ok, an obsession! – with the activity and sport of K9 Nose Work (R).

Quarterly registration, $25/month

2018 Schedule:
Jul-Aug-Sept: EXTERIOR

The details:
* One level of membership (=Silver)
* Discussion plus videos for student self-review
* Each club member may discuss their search with their PERSONAL DOGS, no student dogs or “friend’s dogs”
* Please share your results!
* Everyone must be respectful and play nicely!
* All levels welcome – lessons will be adaptable
* The “Club House” is an open and ongoing forum for anyone currently subscribed to the SOTMC

Go to the ENROLLMENT page to sign up today!