Each private lesson is given over the course of an approximate 1-2 week “session,” which will equal to approximately an hour of my time, based on the challenges you present, my availability and for CNWI/ANWI/PI when you will be teaching the class. I will create your own PRIVATE forum on my site and then an individual thread for each Lesson you sign up for, that only you and I will have the ability to view or use. Each lesson discussion will be available to you for one year.

For NACSW instructors: You give me your challenges and what you’re trying to accomplish with the class. I will give you input on lesson plans and ways to adjust for unexpected (or expected) challenges, review 2-3 of your student videos (3 minute max/ea) after you conduct your class and give you some feedback and possible directions to pursue with that class and/or student(s).

For Students: You tell me what challenges you’re having with your dog and I will give you some lesson and exercise ideas to work with those challenges. You will share 2-3 videos of those searches and I will give you feedback on what I see and options of what to do next. (If you wish to share video to illustrate your challenges, please reduce the number of videos post lesson to a maximum of 2.)

Each “session” is $75 – please contact me to discuss the details and arrange for your lesson based on our mutual availability.

After we coordinate the details you can register here:
(You will need to be registered as a JK9 student to access this page.)